08 September 2023

What you should know about Tantra.

Tantra is lovemaking in which the body, mind, and emotions are free. Until you can control Ejaculation is completely possible. Maximum happiness and power returns to the body Promotes good health and longevity Tantra has no rules or regulations. such as religious activities Tantra focuses attention on the practice for sexual pleasure alone. Tantra believes that this is the path to enlightenment.
Tantra is not...
Yoga, although the concept is similar (but the forms and methods of practice are different) and even though some Western textbooks use the name Tantra Yoga (Tantra Yoga)
Tantra meditation is the practice of controlling the mind in a more meditative manner. While meditation is the practice of calming the mind, it is different from Tantric lovemaking, which is the pursuit of sexual pleasure.
Religion: Although there is a sect in Buddhism, the Tibetan Vajyan sect is called Tantra Buddhism, which believes that liberation does not require any rituals