08 September 2023

Tantric Massage

The starting point of Tantra is the practice of various activities. to enlighten Through the use of concentration, willpower, and supervision, Tantra practitioners will experience unprecedented happiness, finding that it flows more frequently and for longer periods of time... Tantra s energy efficiency is emphasized in practice. Men and women follow the rules together. Then they split up to practice control and practice together for another 7 nights...

Women s rituals

Training starts with getting to know your own body. From the external organs to various nooks and crannies in order to know where your own clitoris is. Move on to exercising your vaginal muscles by squeezing. Move on to practicing masturbation with principles. Move on to practicing stopping before orgasm. This will lead to the ability to control orgasm. Before the practice of sending sexual energy to the other person Whether with men or women together.

Men s rituals

The principles are the same as for women s training. That is, start by getting to know your own body and practice creating sexual desire through your imagination. Practicing tensing the abdominal muscles and clenching the anus, calming the mind, and taking care of the penis. Controlling the power of sexual desire, stopping and controlling ejaculation. before ending with sending sexual energy to a partner, whether with the opposite sex or with the same sex

7 Nights of Couple Training

Tantra believes that sex or lovemaking is natural and normal. Couple training begins with getting to know each other s bodies. build familiarity with each other and create desire for each other on the first night But there will still be no actual orgasm or lovemaking. Until the 2nd night and following nights, it was about helping each other control orgasm while also controlling the I feel that I will not move towards each other and make love as desired until, on the last night, there will be penetration. Then take turns squeezing each other s muscles to let the other person feel it. Then practice ejaculation control.
At the end of the training program Both couples can make love normally. But you will find yourself having the ability to make love for a longer time. and be happy without reaching climax Therefore, it means that both of them can love each other. as often as desired
I must first state that I myself have never seriously practiced Tantra. But from the preliminary study, I found myself impressed and agreed with the following points...
Happiness in bed leads to happiness and health in real life. Or who wants to argue?
Tantra emphasizes practice. I agree 100%, no man is a Casanova. since birth The same goes for women who think they have karma because they never reached climax with him. Ask yourself how you get to know yourself and your partner. Have you studied and practiced the art of making love enough?
Happy lovemaking requires sacrifice, honor, and consent from your partner. If both parties are greedy and only get what they want, sex will never be happy.
If you open your heart wide I don t think Tantra is obsessed with bed. You yourself will see that this science is actually the psychology of good lovemaking.
Happy sex doesn t have to be with only a partner of the opposite sex. Even homosexual couples can practice the principles of Tantric love to improve themselves. I am delighted that Tantra is open-minded to all kinds of people.
If you yourself are interested in studying the science of developing this love power more deeply. Try searching for information from books or the internet. Or if you want to watch a video Training demonstrations are easy to find on the internet. It is important to remember that skill comes from practice, lots of practice, lots of understanding. Then everything will be better. Outcall massage