08 September 2023

9 reasons you should know why you need a massage?

Everywhere you look, there are many massage shops open for service. But when should we decide to use massage services? And who said massage can only help relieve aches and pains!? Many people may have noticed that there are many different types of massage, such as Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, etc. Each type of massage process has its own help in treating and relieving different symptoms. Which of course Massage definitely doesn t just relieve aches and pains! This article has collected 9 main reasons that will give you the answer to why you need a massage.

Why massage?

  1. Relieves pain and fatigue
    Muscle pain in various areas is a common problem. Especially the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back, which may be caused by sitting for a long time or the wrong posture of office workers. Until causing office syndrome Including pregnant women who have hormonal and physiological changes. Until causing aches and pains in various joints of the body, these pains and fatigue can be relieved through massage using different techniques such as Thai massage, acupressure massage, Swedish massage, etc. for those who Have chronic muscle pain Deep Tissue Massage is considered the best option for relieving pain.
  2. Relieve stress
    Massage not only helps relieve pain and fatigue in the body, but it can also relax the mind from various stresses. Massage helps stimulate blood circulation. Therefore making us feel more at ease. Especially aromatherapy massage This will make you feel relaxed with a gentle massage along with the use of essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers. Guaranteed that when you have an aromatherapy massage You will definitely be ready to go back to living your life refreshed.
  3. Reduce muscle tension
    Massage will result in an increase in Myoglobin levels in Plasma, causing muscle tightness to decrease until it returns to normal. This tightness is related to the flexibility of the muscles. It can be said that if muscle tightness can be reduced. It will increase the flexibility of the muscles, which is why you should massage in the next point.
  4. Increase flexibility of muscles
    Even in sports, massage is being used to increase flexibility and push muscles to their limits. The massage is comparable to warming up the body before playing sports. In addition, increasing muscle flexibility can also help reduce injuries. For ordinary people, it can be massaged to reduce muscle pain from heavy use. In traditional Thai medicine, there are massage techniques and compresses to increase flexibility and relax muscles. There is also another technique that is popular among athletes and exercise enthusiasts: sports massage, which is a technique that will greatly reduce injuries from muscle use.
  5. Treat depression
    From the research results of the Department of Mental Health For the group of depressed patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Found that patients will feel refreshed. Feel rejuvenated and relaxed when receiving a Thai massage. It also makes you eat more rice. sleep better Without having found any side effects, the massage will help stimulate better blood circulation. As a result, the body releases endorphins that have the ability to relieve stress and reduce depression.
  6. Sleep more comfortably
    In both Thai and Chinese medicine, it is confirmed that when various points in the body are properly stimulated and massaged, It is considered to help relax various muscles very well as well. Resulting in a calm mind Adjust the balance in the body appropriately Thus making it easy and quality to sleep. Moreover, when the body is fully rested So you can wake up feeling refreshed and bright.
  7. Stimulate the immune system in the body
    Scientific research indicates that Swedish Massage can stimulate the immune system in the body to be more effective. This is because massage stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic system. Causes an increase in the number of white blood cells to fight various viruses that enter the body. Moreover, as mentioned above, massage helps with sleep. Adequate rest will also result in a stronger immune system.
  8. Relieves side effects from various diseases in the elderly.
    For the elderly massage There will be a clear difference from massaging people of other ages. Therefore, other subjects must be used in conjunction with massage, such as kinesiology and physiology. geriatric medicine So that the massage is both relaxing and alleviating problems caused by disease and age-related problems from using the body for a long time, such as arthritis and sprains. It also promotes the quality of life in terms of social interaction among the elderly. According to a rehabilitation center or hospital who often do not have the opportunity to contact, talk, interact with others and lack contact Therefore, the elderly group is a group that benefits quite a lot from massage, both physically and mentally.
  9. Relieves migraine headaches.
    For those who regularly suffer from migraine headaches, they know that it is a symptom that greatly interferes with daily life. Massage techniques that are commonly used to relieve symptoms include acupressure, focusing mainly on the occipital area. and massage with peppermint essential oil Because it contains menthol. When you smell this aroma Therefore, it helps to stop this headache as well.

    From all these reasons It can be seen that massage can help with physical and mental well-being as well. Therefore, massage should not only be an option for people who have aches and pains. But it should be an option for everyone who wants to improve their quality of life through effective physical and mental health care. 
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