13 December 2023

Soaking in Onsen How is it beneficial to the body?

Soaking in Onsen It is another health trend that is becoming more and more popular because in addition to helping create relaxation, It also benefits the body in many other ways. For people who are interested in going to an onsen. And I want to know how many minutes I should soak in the onsen. And what are the advantages? This article will summarize for you.

Onsen are traditional Japanese hot springs that occur naturally. This makes it have healing properties and helps restore the body. Nowadays, onsen culture is popular in many countries, including Thailand. As a result, there are many onsen places to soak, especially in Bangkok. Ready to have various equipment and facilities ready to serve. To help create relaxation and heal the body.

What are the benefits of soaking in an onsen?

Soaking in an onsen is not only beneficial in creating relaxation for the body and mind. It is also suitable for people of many ages. Especially people of working age who experience fatigue and accumulated stress. Including people who are looking for physical and mental therapy activities. Locations providing ption that can help restore your body for the better

  • Helps relax and relieve stress: Soaking in an onsen It is a treatment that promotes relaxation for the body. and relieve stress in the mind
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain: The water used in the onsen Rich in various minerals that help relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • Rejuvenate the body and skin health: Onsen water is full of natural minerals. that has properties that help restore the skin and add moisture to the skin Including the temperature in the onsen pond. It also helps blood flow better. Makes the skin rosy or pink and look healthy.
  • Detoxification: Onsen water has properties that help in detoxifying. It will stimulate the body's natural detox process. Helps bruises fade.
  • Sleep: Soaking in Onsen It is an activity that combines stress relief. and helps relax muscles This results in better sleep. 
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