28 September 2023

Self-care after Thai massage

1. After a Thai massage, you should rest and let your body be comfortable. Lie down or sit for a few minutes and drink some water to help refresh and help your body.

2. If you feel back pain from Thai massage You can apply a cold compress using a wet towel or ice pack and place it on the area that feels inflamed. Afterward, use cold cream to help relieve inflammation.

3. Light exercise such as walking or general stretching. It will help promote blood circulation and recovery of the body after Thai massage.

4. You should eat nutritious foods to promote your body's recovery. Including the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat that contain a sufficient amount of protein. and foods that are not too fatty

5. Getting enough sleep will help your body and mind recover better.

6. Skin care is very necessary after you finish a Thai massage. By using skin care cream or oil for the skin to nourish and maintain the moisture of the skin after Thai massage.